Do your leaders have the skills, knowledge and appropriate behaviours to execute your business strategy?

We work with businesses to establish trust and confidence in their leadership skills and behaviours in order to deliver business goals effectively. Organisational transformation begins with the personal transformation of its leaders; if the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change.

We use market-leading scientific models, as well as our vast experience in performance psychology, to identify the underlying characteristics and traits that drive behaviours and influence mindsets.

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Personal Effectiveness

Become a better person through ndc's personal effectiveness training

Personal Effectiveness

Become a better person through NDC’s personal effectiveness training.

Personal effectiveness is about understanding and mastering the motivations, beliefs, fears, instincts and emotions that drive us.

Our Personal Effectiveness programmes help participants to identify their own personal compass and to work with it like a personal operating system that benefits from regular maintenance and upgrades. We address topics such as energy management, attention management and performance states.

We bring an experiential and developmentally focused approach to personal effectiveness and utilise the multiple intelligences the participants come with.

Executive Selection

Make the right candidate selection for business success

Executive Selection

Make the right candidate selection for business success.

A mistaken hire, and its associated fall-out, wastes time, energy and resources and can be the difference between the success and failure of an organisation.

At NDC, we design bespoke assessment and selection processes to optimise the recruitment of the best-fit candidate for all critical roles.

Selecting the right person goes beyond competence and skill assessment; you need to factor in predictive scientific knowledge of the likelihood that the candidate will be a positive fit for the role. This is at its most critical when an organisation is relying on a recruit to lead a transformation or to cultivate a particular culture.

New Leaders

Don’t throw your new leaders into the water and just expect them to swim

New Leaders

Don’t throw your new leaders into the water and just expect them to swim.

If you want your leaders to effective, you have to equip them with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to enable them to lead their team and achieve your business goals.

We employ our vast expertise in performance psychology to identify and measure the underlying characteristics that drive behaviour and influence mindsets.

Our consultants use an empathetic, relational style to build trust and help leaders identify and understand their unique strengths and areas for development. We work with them to establish a plan of action that will enable them to become effective leaders and drive your business forward.

Executive Retreats

Break down barriers, reveal hidden talents and create stronger teams

Executive Retreats

Break down barriers, reveal hidden talents and create stronger teams.

Tensions between different departments can affect profitability and performance. Our executive retreats create an open and accepting environment that helps break down barriers so you can tackle misconceptions that have arisen, reveal hidden talents, unlock potential and create stronger teams.

Retreats offer time for individuals to reflect on themselves and their respective roles in the business. We use a range of rigorous and fit-for-purpose diagnostics to identify the behaviour gaps in your business and work with the teams to embed the behaviours required to drive your business success.

The retreats have proven to help organisations release energy that leads to productive, creative and positive ways of working, with everyone moving in the same direction.

ndc’s executive-selection assessment provided a qualitative process for hiring the best talent for the company. It provided high-value insights on candidates’ motivations, key strengths and development areas.

Marc-Olivier Blain / Vice President HR, Danone Waters, China

We want our people to be all that they can be. Working with ndc, we have found that our people crave personal development.

Pat McGillycuddy / CEO, IDI Gazeley

How we work with you...

We work with our clients in a collaborative way, and make a point of gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business. Our programmes are delivered with a personalised and human touch, balancing care and empathy with challenge and stretch.

We use modern, market-leading and proven scientific models and systems to enhance your business culture and leadership impact, enabling you to improve overall results, communications and processes, while boosting employee and customer engagement.

Theory / Frameworks

  • - Conscious Business
  • - Barrett Values Centre
  • - Emotional Intelligence - EQ / IE.
  • - I / We / It
  • - Be. Do. Have.
  • - Behaviours, Symbols and Systems
  • - Prediction of Performance - Hogan
  • - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • - Human Synergistics’ Life Styles Inventory
  • - Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behaviour
  • - Strengthscope®
  • - Five dysfunctions of teams, Lencioni
  • - Power + Systems, Building Partnership Workshops
  • - Culture Impact™


  • - Difficult Conversations
  • - Managing Conflict
  • - Facilitation
  • - Action Learning
  • - Appreciative Inquiry
  • - Leadership Workshops
  • - Implementation
  • - Surveys
  • - Culture Audit
  • - Focus Groups
  • - Strategy & Culture Workshops
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Who we work with...

We have a track record of success with major European organisations.

Our typical client is a multi-site, medium sized organisation with 400+ employees, although we also work with smaller organisations looking to grow and expand.

We have particular experience of working in the sectors of telecommunications, retail, healthcare and education.

A welcome to our Leadership services Lisa Peach

When thinking about your leaders and their development, consider these questions:

  • What conditions are needed for leaders to thrive?
  • What behaviours are currently being role modelled?
  • Is it possible to map what makes your best role models?
  • How will you know leadership has improved?
  • How can leaders go beyond leading people to lead, measure and manage culture?

We can help you find the answers to make your leaders effective and provide them with sustainable development.