Why choose us

At ndc, we believe that: -

  • understanding a purpose or goal that people can truly believe in, is essential to engage your staff and improve profitability.
  • we help leaders’ inspire meaning and purpose and learn how to lead, measure and manage the culture-forces to disrupt the status quo.

We help make sense of your challenges by making them ours too and together co-create and implement a strategy to deliver significant improvement.

We work with a broad range of organisations from global corporations to medium-sized consultancies across many industries. We have particular sector expertise in retail, healthcare, education and telecommunications.

We utilise multidisciplinary skills and extensive experience from science, psychology and business operations. The unique fusion of our field research knowledge and our experience in corporate culture consulting enables us to design, develop, implement and measure a solution that is customised to your business. We will help you to deliver effective and long-lasting results for your organisation.

Working with Martin was inspirational. He has the insight into how to lead, inspire and motivate with a comfortable way of connecting with people at all levels in an organisation

William McCann Murphy / MS Chief Operating Officer UK & Ireland, Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services

I like the fact that the process was straightforward and engaging. The connection made in the relationship helped. I heard the conversation and could relate it to something that was meaningful and practical.

Donal Clancy / Executive Director, Laya Healthcare

By focusing your people on your key business goals, we help you to achieve greater employee engagement, accountability and long-lasting performance.

We help you overcome problems such as:

• employees and teams being held back by negativity, apathy or frustration
• the misalignment of, or lack of cohesion regarding, corporate goals and strategies
• structures and systems that hinder productivity
• leaders who are unaware of the unspoken messages they give employees
• tensions between different departments that affect profitability and performance
• the inability of management to manage upwards and downwards effectively
• bad news being hidden or denied

The hallmark of our approach is our hands-on, personal relationship with the key stakeholders in every project. We work closely with you throughout the entire project to maximise the timing and sequencing of solutions and results.

How we work with you...

We work with our clients in a collaborative way, and make a point of gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business. Our programmes are delivered with a personalised and human touch, balancing care and empathy with challenge and stretch.

We use modern, market-leading and proven scientific models and systems to enhance your business culture and leadership impact, enabling you to improve overall results, communications and processes, while boosting employee and customer engagement.

Theory / Frameworks

  • - Conscious Business
  • - Barrett Values Centre
  • - Emotional Intelligence - EQ / IE.
  • - I / We / It
  • - Be. Do. Have.
  • - Behaviours, Symbols and Systems
  • - Prediction of Performance - Hogan
  • - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • - Human Synergistics’ Life Styles Inventory
  • - Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behaviour
  • - Strengthscope®
  • - Five dysfunctions of teams, Lencioni
  • - Power + Systems, Building Partnership Workshops
  • - Culture Impact™


  • - Difficult Conversations
  • - Managing Conflict
  • - Facilitation
  • - Action Learning
  • - Appreciative Inquiry
  • - Leadership Workshops
  • - Implementation
  • - Surveys
  • - Culture Audit
  • - Focus Groups
  • - Strategy & Culture Workshops
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Who we work with...

We have a track record of success with major European organisations.

Our typical client is a multi-site, medium sized organisation with 400+ employees, although we also work with smaller organisations looking to grow and expand.

We have particular experience of working in the sectors of telecommunications, retail, healthcare and education.

A welcome to ndc Martin Egan PHD

Culture change can seem a daunting task, and you may be wondering where to start, or how to get everyone on board. You may feel your leaders are not yet equipped to deliver your business strategy and goals. We can help.

Our highly qualified team comprises experts in business psychology, commerce, research and corporate culture, providing a unique fusion of professional knowledge, skills and commercial experience that will deliver effective and long-lasting results for your organisation.