CXV Global Leadership and Management Programme 21/22

Over the past year we have been working closely with CXV Global on an Executive Leadership and Management Development programme.

In partnership  we worked with their next generation of managers and future leaders to develop and strengthen their skillsets and enable them to continue driving the business forward. We would like to thank Bernie Cullinan and Gráinne Hegarty for their guidance and leadership throughout the year.

Our work focused on the teams based from Crest Solutions in Ireland and Vistalink in Belgium.  As an specialist engineering group, the solutions the company create for production efficiency and quality are second to none.

Taking a skills-based applied approach to leadership development has been a sure way to embed the impact in the business.  The learning and development experience was co-created through the work together, and the focus on developing leadership capacities that took place through addressing real work challenges.

With that approach, the positive side effects included:

  • Building a solution-focused peer group to solve work challenges
  • Integrating external and peer coaching for self and team development
  • Balancing the focus on Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Business

Participants experienced working with a selection of our coaches and facilitators, whilst having the continuity of two outstanding course leaders in Marianna Karagiannakis and Brenda Ryan Crowley.

The 12-month programme allowed the participants to evolve and develop through the cycles and challenges faced during that period. It was also a time-effective working mode, combining virtual, face-to-face, and individual coaching to minimise time out of business.

Abel & Marianna at the graduation

Here are the views from Abel, a Project Co-ordinator with Vistalink in Belgium

“The past year has been filled with a lot of emotions in the workplace and this all ran in parallel with the ndc course."
"But the timing couldn’t have been better as I got so many tools to work with as well as support from everyone I encountered during the program, be it from the people at ndc or others also taking the course."
"The one to one sessions with Marianna were also incredibly valuable to me. I commend her way of listening and coaching and owe a lot of my composure from the past year to her being there in the right place at the right time."
"Thank you so much Martin for everything ndc has given me!"
"Also to include me in the steering committee as it made me feel honored and valued by the organization.”

The development programme culminated in a ‘graduation’ for the team leaders who have been incredibly dedicated and committed to their self-development and professional growth during the programme. Well Done to all!

Written by:
Matt Burdock

Executive Coaching, Culture Measurement, Leadership Development.

October 25, 2022