Group Dynamics & Facilitation

The training CEO’s and Board members would most benefit from.

At the start of December we ran a Linkedin poll on how many leaders had benefited from Team/Group Dynamics training.

The results were interesting:

Yes – 59%
No – 41%

We found this result worrying. As one person said – Managers/Leaders get more training on Word than on People Management.

Interestingly, from the comments, Team/Group Dynamics was translated in some cases to mean Team bonding and Morale days. That is not the training in Group Dynamics we recommend.

Yes – teams need to be motivated, but the way they operate also needs to be addressed.

That requires a ‘look in the mirror’

Recently I witnessed a senior executive meeting where a quarter of the executives were on their phones while their leader spoke.

This behaviour was unconscious.

It seems inconsequential!

What’s the big deal?

It shows several issues – all unconscious in the way the team operates.
-       A lack of respect
-       A lack of presence
-       A willingness to be distracted
-       A passive-aggressive avoidant behaviour which says I would rather be somewhere else rather than here.

If this is how a meeting starts – leaders must address this behaviour.  
Great teams and great leaders understand group dynamics and how it impacts their executive teams.

We (and our clients) know that understanding group dynamics can transform board meetings, help CEO’s flush out any unsaid issues, address unconscious dynamics in the group, improve communication and resolve emotional issues teams face.

For more information on our Group/Team Dynamics training, please speak to our Consulting Director, Jonathan Lancaster or see more information here.

Written by:
Matt Burdock

Executive Coaching, Culture Measurement, Leadership Development.

December 1, 2021