Immunity to Change with Professor Robert Kegan

Immunity to Change™ Facilitator’s workshop -  17th-19th May 2021

We are pleased to announce that ndc is an official collaborator for the Immunity to Change™ Facilitator’s workshop on  17-19 May 2021 with Professor Robert Kegan.

What is the one thing your leadership team has to get better at to be fit for the challenges ahead?  This is a question all high performing teams don't avoid. But there is a huge difference in naming this team aspiration or goal and achieving the adaptive shift required to ensure its success.  

Many teams are easily seduced to mistakenly thinking that a technical shift will solve their challenge when it needs an adaptive shift.

A technical shift is one that adds more knowledge or skill, for example improving communication processes or utilising a different system or process for managing.

An adaptive shift is one where the capacity of the team to address issues and manage is increased, e.g. team tensions are faced more confidently together or a deeper trust enables creative possibility.

Do you want to train in a practical step by step researched methodology called Immunity to Change™ which offers a logical framework to decode the patterns that maintain status quo regarding an adaptive challenge? Please find the pdf flier here and if you are interested in attending,  please contact Martin at or on +44 7941 287504 for more information. 

Written by:
Dr Martin Egan

Culture Consultancy, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development

March 11, 2021