Is your HR team getting recognised for the value it is adding to your culture and competitive advantage?

Our recent research report ‘Does Your Culture Support Your Strategy‘ suggests that HR regularly adds value to boosting the type of culture needed that drives successful strategy.  Analysing over 200 organisations,  we examined how the right culture for a business context can release energy and resources to drive superior strategic delivery and, we discovered how HR adds value in ways that may not always be recognised.

Our report identifies five culture enabler-bundles of activities that employees see as communicating how culture IS and these are alive and well every day. Many of these five are part of HR’s remit and HR could be enjoying greater recognition for culture management.

Here are the five culture enabler-bundles and a selected snapshot of how they are constructed:

  • Leadership – how culturally congruent are we in proactively managing performance in an effective way, ensuring a tolerant and respectful working environment and communicating organisational difficulties and successes, effectively?
  • People Management – how culturally congruent are we in rewarding people based on merit and performance, deploying an effective and transparent appraisal system and fairly negotiating flexible working and work life balances with employees?
  • Alignment – how culturally congruent are our leaders in investing time in explaining strategic direction, understanding how employees’ roles contribute to results and shared company values being upheld across the organisation
  • Communication – how culturally congruent are we in fostering an environment where people can constructively challenge without recrimination, optimising the level of internal communication and communicating effectively with external audiences and partners?
  • Collaboration – how culturally congruent are we in how we share workload and responsibilities fairly within teams, handle difference and conflict constructively and work effectively in partnership with external stakeholders?

We hope these 5 enabler-bundles might start a conversation for HR about the value you are already adding and, where your ambitions for further work might lie.

At ndc we have been involved in over 30 global culture assessments and worked with many organisations to measure how internal culture is enabling employees to delivery strategic goals.