Culture Measurement

Culture Measurement

Do you have the right focus in your culture to execute your business strategy, goals and objectives effectively?

Organisational culture is defined as ‘the patterns of behaviours that are encouraged, discouraged or tolerated by people and systems over time’.

The culture of an organisation provides boundaries and guidelines that help employees understand how to perform their roles. It is the ‘personality’ of the organisation, both visible and invisible, and synchronicity of culture along with the brand is critical to ensure that businesses work successfully.

How do you know what your culture looks like?

At ndc we are experts in measuring the culture of your organisation. In collaboration with organisation leaders, we work to find the best fit culture measurement framework for both the people and business in order to identify key enablers and barriers to success.

With over 15 years of experience in Culture Measurement, we use these three frameworks to measure organisational culture:

  • Culture Impact – our own in house developed measurement tool
  • Barrett Values Centre’s Culture Transformation tools
  • Human Synergistics’ Organisational Culture Inventory and Life Styles Inventory 360

Each framework can be used for different needs.Contact us to find out how we can help you measure your organisation’s culture to ensure it is synchronised with your business goals.

The experience helped me understand what we need more as a team but also what I need and my part to play.
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