Why choose us

Features of ndcBenefits to clients
  • 30 Cultural Transformation Projects Designed and Led
  • Low Risk
  • Have delivered successful culture transformation already.
  • Your teams will have the expertise when we leave embedded in new behaviours and processes.
  • You can be confident of the path you are on will lead to a solid plan.
  • Experts available to coach and guide the journey.
  • Speak out when things are getting derailed, escalate and keep things on track and to standards.
  • Proven large scale in-house expertise of organisational-wide joined-up people change in large blue chips
  • Low risk
  • We have an expertise of launching successful programmes in house – of what this takes in terms of behaviours, content and events and we will share this with your teams.
  • External guidance through proven approaches to delivering an organisational-wide plan of deliverables year on year.
  • Measurement Expertise – deep knowledge of measuring culture over 60 measurement tools researched and compared.
  • Licensed to use a range of Culture Measurement Tools
  • Your ongoing measures build your journey and you will have the decision-making tools to focus your efforts ongoing.
  • You can choose from a range of Culture Measurement Tools to get the one that best suits your organisation.
  • Experiential Approach based on knowledge transfer and continuous learnging
  • Proven client-side expertise in introducing new ways of working and peer to peer learning.

We were able to find something that was going to be bespoke for our company. ndc attracted us because I felt they could really engage with our executive team to deliver that bespoke package.

Haidee Klein / HR Manager, IDI Gazeley (Europe & China)

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Person Name / organisation

Case Studies

Laya Healthcare

Laya Healthcare management wanted to consolidate their culture and integrate a focus on empowerment and accountability across the business.

I believe that the only way to achieve sustainable business success is to identify and develop the right culture. ndc have been instrumental for us as we move through the journey from a focus on the individual to 'what we stand for and what we hold people to account for' in our organisational culture.

General Manager / Danone

We want our people to be all that they can be. Working with ndc we have found that our people crave personal development.

Pat McGillycuddy / CEO, IDI Gazeley

How we work with you...

We work with our clients in a collaborative way, and make a point of gaining an in-depth knowledge of your business. Our programmes are delivered with a personalised and human touch, balancing care and empathy with challenge and stretch.

We use modern, market-leading and proven scientific models and systems to enhance your business culture and leadership impact, enabling you to improve overall results, communications and processes, while boosting employee and customer engagement.

Theory / Frameworks

  • - Conscious Business
  • - Barrett Values Centre
  • - Emotional Intelligence - EQ / IE.
  • - I / We / It
  • - Be. Do. Have.
  • - Behaviours, Symbols and Systems
  • - Prediction of Performance - Hogan
  • - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • - Human Synergistics’ Life Styles Inventory
  • - Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behaviour
  • - Strengthscope®
  • - Five dysfunctions of teams, Lencioni
  • - Power + Systems, Building Partnership Workshops
  • - Culture Impact™


  • - Difficult Conversations
  • - Managing Conflict
  • - Facilitation
  • - Action Learning
  • - Appreciative Inquiry
  • - Leadership Workshops
  • - Implementation
  • - Surveys
  • - Culture Audit
  • - Focus Groups
  • - Strategy & Culture Workshops
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Who we work with...

We have a track record of success with major European organisations.

Our typical client is a multi-site, medium sized organisation with 400+ employees, although we also work with smaller organisations looking to grow and expand.

We have particular experience of working in the sectors of telecommunications, retail, healthcare and education.

Martin is very personable and was great to work with on a Cultural Change programme with Ericsson UK. He really got us thinking in different ways, challenging how we achieved results.

Roger Nichols / Head of Services UK & Ireland, Nokia