Culture change is a process not an event.
We will help you identify and implement the right culture to deliver sustained business success.



We will help you recruit, train and develop your leaders, giving them the appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviour to drive your business forward.



Unlock the full potential of your business by releasing the full potential of your people with our one-to-one, team and organisational coaching.


In an ever-changing business landscape, the need for organisations and their leaders to be flexible and responsive to change has never been greater.

At ndc, we equip organisations to manage culture. We are committed to improving your organisation’s effectiveness by aligning your business goals strategically with the performance of your employees and the culture needed for your organisation.

Our unique and market-leading methodology combines commercial, scientific, and psychological expertise to achieve significant, effective and sustainable results for your business.

Martin is very personable and was great to work with on a Cultural Change programme with Ericsson UK. He really got us thinking in different ways, challenging how we achieved results.

Roger Nichols / Head of Services UK & Ireland, Nokia

We want our people to be all that they can be. Working with NDC we have found that our people crave personal development.

Pat McGillycuddy / CEO, IDI Gazeley

Working with Martin was inspirational. He has the insight into how to lead, inspire and motivate with a comfortable way of connecting with people at all levels in an organisation.

William McCann Murphy / MS Chief Operating Officer UK & Ireland, Ericsson Broadcast and Media Services

The biggest improvement I found was communication lines opening up, silos being broken down and a less formal approach adopted

Donal Clancy / MD, Laya Healthcare

For all of us, it has been very beneficial. We took the time to have more agenda-less conversations, air difficulties and get a steer from each other, in order to develop our thinking as a group.

Brenda Ryan / Director of Operations, Laya Healthcare

Who we work with...

We have a track record of success with major European organisations.

Our typical client is a multi-site, medium sized organisation with 400+ employees, although we also work with smaller organisations
looking to grow and expand.

We have particular experience of working in the sectors of telecommunications, retail, healthcare, pharma and education.

A welcome from ndc Martin Egan PHD

Culture transformation can seem a daunting task, and you may be wondering where to start, or how to get everyone on board. You may feel your leaders are not yet equipped to deliver your business strategy and goals. We can help.
Our highly qualified team comprises experts in business psychology, commerce, research and corporate culture, providing a unique fusion of professional knowledge, skills and commercial experience that will deliver effective and long-lasting results for your organisation.