In an ever-changing business landscape, the need for organisations and their leaders to be flexible and responsive has never been greater.

The Culture and Strategy Challenge.

Culture transformation is most successful when it complements the business' commercial strategy.  In our experience, CEO's believe their boards are much more aligned than they actually are when prioritising the business goals and the culture needed to support them. 

Consistently with our clients, we have found:

A lack of alignment between the board on the strategic priorities.
A lack of understanding of how culture impacts strategy and success
Culture is not measured comprehensively
The Strategy/ Culture Workshop.

The Strategy/Culture workshop is the foundation step to ensure from the outset that your culture is aligned with delivering on your strategy.

  • The main objective of the workshop is to assess the alignment and agreement of the board members.
  • We engage with the owners of the strategy and test their expectations and intentions about what they want to have happen over the next three to five years.
  • The workshop is designed to maximise clarity about their chosen strategy and to unite all owners behind the strategy. Achieving this eliminates confusion and regression later when you need to establish behavioural and other cultural standards.
  • The result is a unique blueprint for how your intended culture directly impacts strategy.
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"The involving and action oriented facilitation is supporting and challenging as well as designed with relevance for IKEA.  Combined with a clear and engaging theoretical input, we found our leaders leaving the workshops empowered with many new reflections"

Pernille Hagild
Leadership & Competence Development Manager, IKEA Group
Leadership Programmes.

Organisational success begins with the personal qualities and self-awarness of its leaders. ndc has many years of experience in working with organisations to ensure leaders harness the right qualities to engender trust and confidence with their people in order to deliver business goals.

We work with leaders in two ways:

  1. Individually through Executive Coaching and using psychometrics
  2. In groups, through Leadership Development programmes and facilitation.

Examples of our work include:

  • Quarterly faciliation with board members to ensure alignment and agreement.
  • C-suite leadership development programmes
  • Cross divisional group
Programme Design.

To ensure that you get the most value from the investment in your leadership and manager programmes, we will work with you to co-create and fine-tune workshops that align with your strategic goals.

After many years of experience designing and delivering highly successful workshops with our clients, we have created a library of our most popular modules. These can be purchased as one-off courses or integrated into a customised leadership programme to suit your needs.

These modules are informed by our established training courses which can be found here.

Leadership Facilitation.

Leadership Facilitation is a growing area we work in. Many of our clients invite us to their quarterly meetings to help facilitate their discussions. Our clients value the understanding we have of group dynamics. We help to uncover the un-said conversations, any tensions in the group, any conflict or differences of opinion.

Our bold, yet compassionate, approach creates a safe place for delegates to share their opinions and work through any issues they may hold. By depersonalising the issues, a more productive way forward is found.

Executive Coaching.

At ndc, we are leading-edge coaching experts. We find many of our clients seek out executive coaching for a number of reasons:

  • Leaders use coaching as an opportunity to speak confidentially about the issues they are facing.  It can be lonely at the top!
  • By identifying and understanding their beliefs, values and behaviours, leaders can begin to understand their strengths and challenges of their own psychology.
  • The coach can help stretch the leader to pull out of their habitual styles and change the way their focus on the business or the way they interact with stakeholders.
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"Martin's strengths are his psychotherapeutic and group facilitation skills and his fearlessness! This meant a potentially defensive and fragmented senior team trusted him and accepted the challenge.."

Senior Executive
Executive Selection.
Prediction of Performance

ndc have helped many companies to be strategic and scientific about increasing the probability of getting the right fit for performance and culture when making internal and external senior executive appointments.

Our clients face the following challenges:
  • The interview process alone is not getting to understand the full potential and risk in the psychological make up of a candidate
  • There are limited views of the strengths and "derailers" of candidates
  • Different candidates are preferred by different board members so further objectivity is needed • Need data to confirm a hunch
  • The company wants to change culture and needs to know that candidates will be true to the company values
  • Reputational risk associated with making the wrong appointment.