ndc has over 15 years of experience in measuring culture for global and national companies.

Culture Assessment Programme.
How do we measure culture?

There are two aspect to how we measure culture;

  • our framework to capture the key aspects of corporate/organisational culture
  • the research methodology we adopt to measure culture
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Culture Frameworks

Over our 15 years of measuring culture, we have found many other culture frameworks to be

  • too complex and
  • requiring training (and additional cost) to understand

In response to this, we created Culture Impact, a simple to understand, comprehensive Culture Measurement framework.  Please find more information on Culture Impact here.

Research Methodology

A full culture audit typically involves all the research techniques below;

  • Interviews
  • Facilitated workshops
  • Culture Survey
  • Forensic Groups

Most clients decide to undertake a full culture programme, but others decide to use a combination of two or three of the techniques above.

"The value of ndc in our culture change programme has been their experience with other companies; their knowledge of culture and how to investigate, review and plan changes to influence it; and their willingness to challenge and inspire.."

Senior Manager
Culture Survey.

Within many organisations, coporate messages are diluted or changed between the different management layers.  Some of our clients are not aware of some of the considerable issues being faced by front line staff, or issues between divisions.  The ndc culture survey can help truly understand the dynamics in your company. 

Many of our clients face the following issues when trying to measuring culture

  • Internal surveys are not getting to the bottom of understanding of what is happening in the culture
  • There are too many internal surveys – employees are suffering 'surveyitis' and are disengaged
  • Employees feel pressured to give overly positive results due to  manager pressures
  • Not measuring all the areas of culture –as seen in traditional employee engagement surveys
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For a small investment, the ndc culture survey can give you an objective view of your culture hot spot areas – good and bad.

  • The survey design captures quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Employees have an opportunity to speak their mind.
  • The survey can be run in several languages - we work with you to ensure the translations are correct.
  • Run annually, you can see how your culture is changing and can compare trends consistently.

Using the Culture Impact Framework, we ask the key questions to understand all aspect of your culture. There are three stages to implementation;

  • Survey setup -  ensuring communications, HR and IT are ready for survey launch.
  • Survey Live – monitoring delivery, completion and assessing if further communication is needed.
  • Post Survey – assessing results and reporting on results.
Forensic Groups.

The ndc forensic groups can help uncover deep rooted corporate dynamics which are driving culture. 

The number of forensic groups depends on:

  • The number of employees
  • Specific issues – for example -difficulties between two divisions
  • The depth of analysis required

Forensic Group results are then analysed by trained interpreters and consolidated into a culture report with corresponding recommendations. We use the Culture Impact Framework to ensure all aspects of culture are considered. We have conducted forensic groups all over the world since 2010 and are experienced in how to hold these groups in different cultures, languages and virtually.

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Considering a different way of measuring culture? 

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