ndc can help organisations really understand culture and culture transformation.

Often culture is conflated with employee satisfaction. It is compartmentalised and areas such as diversity and health and well-being are seen as separate areas to address. Culture is all encompassing.  Different areas of the business impact others in unexpected ways. For example;

  • How do IT issues or finance policies impact staff morale.
  • How do director's behaviour impact the success of cross-divisional working. 
  • How are cultural difference in working adressed to improve operational success.
  • Are internal beliefs challenged- for example "Yes we may be customer focused,  but do we do too much for our customers?

Managing and leading culture is both an art and a science. ndc can help organisations really understand culture and culture transformation. We can do this in two ways, through our culture consultants or by arranging  culture workshops.

Culture Consultants.

If you would like to know more about managing corporate culture,  we can arrange a meeting  with one of our consultants to outline the fundmental information you need.  

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Culture Workshops.

If you would like a larger number of employees to be educated in corporate culture, this can be achieved through our culture workshops.  We train key influencers in the organisation in how start proactively managing their organisation’s culture and how to make the business case to gain the support and buy-in of critical stakeholders. 

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More about Culture Workshops.

The Culture Workshop equips participants with an understanding of the elements they need to address in order to impact their culture. We teach how to leverage the most important elements and learn about interrelation of all activities in the organisation through the ‘whole-system change’ framework.

Clients tell us that the most valuable element coming from the culture workshop is the understanding that organisations don't transform, people do”.

If you would like to know more about how ndc can help upskill your organisation to address culture issues, please contact us.

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