Managing culture can be challenging and we specialise in two areas to help clients: Culture Consultancy and Coaching.

Culture Consultancy.
Making a real, positive change

Culture change is a process not an event. Changing corporate culture can be complex and there may be barriers to change. We work with clients to ensure that they are able to make successful changes to their team and business culture to delivering their operational and commercial goals.  We work with key individuals across all levels of the organisation to ensure that the required change is understood and has buy in. Using thought-leading proven approaches, we:

  • Maximise and enhance communication so that everyone understands any new behaviours expected from them, utilising your existing communication channels
  • Equip individuals and teams with the mind-set that they need to effect positive change
  • Coach key personnel across the business to be role models for the new culture
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Culture Planning.

ndc has over 15 years of experience in helping organisations strategically plan to take their culture to the next level.  After measuring the culture, the next step is to implement the findings.   Working with leaders and teams at every level of the organisation, we establish the following:

  • What is the optimum culture needed to drive your organisation forward
  • What is the best way to engage key resources across the business to achieve your optimum culture.
  • What are the quick wins which can be put in place immediately for maximum impact. 
  • What are the best methods for working together to overcome your biggest cultural obstacles. 

"The value of ndc in our culture change programme has been their experience with other companies; their knowledge of culture and how to investigate, review and plan changes to influence it; and their willingness to challenge and inspire."

Senior Executive

At ndc we use best practice and proven coaching tools to develop your people to meet your business needs. Working to achieve results based on business related gaps, we offer:

  • Executive coaching – growing, developing and stretching the leader
  • Team coaching – building cohesive, successful teams​
  • Organisational coaching – aligning your teams to the organisation’s vision and strategy​
  • Specific issue based coaching – equipping your people to manage crucial or sometimes difficult conversations​
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Coaching for culture change.

Coaching for Culture change is a new approach to managing culture on a sustained basis.

It works through the use of coaching, using either internal or external coaches, as a feedback mechanism.  The coaching is set up with the specific remit of identifying culture themes across the company to be addressed by the executive.  The confidentiality of the coachees is respected.  Only high-level themes are collated from the coaches supervision.  The executive commits to hear this feedback and act on it. 

Not only can it be applied to general culture topics, but specific issues can be addressed, for example:

  • Gender inequalities
  • Executive performance
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Health, wellbeing and work-life balance

In our experience, when there is strong commitment from the board and the coaching is executed and supervised well, this can be a powerful way to address cultural issues in your organisation

Internal Coaching Training.

At ndc, we have a wealth of coaching expertise.  Recently, many clients have decided to develop in-house coaching expertise rather than use external coaches. While this approach may not work well in terms of confidentiality for smaller clients, for larger clients, internal coaching can work well. 

The difficulties we find in using internal coaches are

  • Internal coaches are trained in different disciplines and favour their own training.  This may not be appropriate for the coachee
  • A standard set of coaching requirements is needed.
  • A standard supervision process is needed for all of the coaches.

We have recently completed an in-house leadership coach training programme for the Houses of Parliament. For more information on this work, click here.

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Find out how coaching can transform your people. 

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Internal Coaching Supervision.

At ndc, our experience in coaching also extends into coaching supervision. Coaching supervision is vital to the success of executive coaching.  There are many benefits to be gained from coaching supervision:

  • Coaches are able to reflect on their work and reassess its success.
  • The supervision space is confidential. 
  • As the supervision process is held with the supervisor and fellow coaches, the coach gains multiple perspectives in the feedback on their work
  • Coaches are able to see where they have worked well or where they have missed helping their client. This provides a process of continual improvement in the coaching process.

Themes can start to be pulled together about the company culture and systems, which the employees work in, which may be impacting behaviour and morale. These themes can be report to management.

By using an external supervisor, there is an objectivity held which may be lost if supervised internally.  Whether you use internal or external coaches, and are interested in using a supervisor, please contact us here. 

"Martin is an expert in the coaching field and has great insights into people behaviours and how they can impact on others."

Atracta Stewart
Group Graduate & Induction Program Manager