The need
for change.

After many years of consulting experience, executive coaching, and sector-wide research, our co-founders Dr Martin Egan and Matthew Burdock identified several common culture barriers to success that leaders often overlook in change and transformation programmes.

"What we found is that change initiatives – such as merging with another organisation or introducing a new way of working – were less likely to succeed when there was a disconnect between strategy and the vital aspects of culture."

The implications
were profound.

Matthew and Martin found that many of the solutions being offered for culture change focused on individual development for leaders. Despite these solutions, the cultures of many organisations were not changing. The solutions need to focus on both individual and systemic changes for a culture shift.

Calls for A
New Direction

Motivated to help leaders tackle the strategy and culture challenge, Matthew, and Martin set out on a mission to do just that. Thus, in 2014 New Direction Consulting (ndc) was born.

We've evolved.

Since then, we have gone from strength-to-strength. By listening to and working in partnership with our clients, we have evolved our service offerings, strengthened our capabilities, and grown our team to help leaders and organisations solve their most important problems.

We continue to adapt.

More recently, we have also had to adapt in response to changing client requirements and the ever-changing business environment. For example, we have successfully delivered even more of our Coaching for Culture Change and Executive Coaching programmes as organisations focus on building leadership capability in hybrid working environments.

Working with you.

There are several stages we often go through when we build relationships that matter with clients, partners, and collaborators.

Are we a good fit?

The first is that we decide together whether we are a good fit for each other.  This is about listening and seeking to understand your unique situation, priorities, and focus areas.  We want to see if/how we can potentially help you.  It is also about sharing ideas and insights to help inform how to tackle change in your organisation.  To explore opportunities with us, you can book a call or enquire here.

Align on project aims

Secondly, we work with you and your team to align on project aims, objectives, and deliverables.  We scope out what can be achieved within the timescales and budget for the project.  For some clients, our work involves the design of bespoke solutions and services.  For others, we work with our existing programmes and workshops that focus on addressing specific challenges that are relevant to clients’ organisation.  Either way, we aim to ensure that everyone is aligned and that you get value from our engagement.

Project management

We leverage our experience, resources, and capabilities to ensure that the project is a success for you.  That means seeing that the project is managed effectively through realistic timeframes and milestones while providing you with support in communications and effective stakeholder engagement.

“Although they were our external expert partner, it actually felt we were really collaborating, really working with the same focus and investment. Every organisation has their own uniqueness and they really worked with us to understand our particular challenges and how we would make this really work.”

Angela McHale – Learning & Development Consultant, House of Commons.


Whether it be a coaching assignment or a corporate culture project, we will incorporate regular feedback opportunities for organisational learning to drive even better business results. That partnership working approach with you ensures that the programme will deliver value now and into the future as your organisation grows and evolves.

So, no matter how complex or straightforward the programme, the evaluation and review process will occur from start to finish. That means that the review process happens throughout rather than it just being a one-off event at the end of an engagement.

"I was impressed and surprised by the coaching and development training from ndc. I have attended a number of management training sessions in the past but this one stood out for its focus on the person and the fact that all relationships are between two or more ‘people’ – not managers and staff."

Eoin Fitzpatrick
Digital Programme Manager