Exciting Insights from Tbilisi, Georgia!

Travelling to Tbilisi, Georgia was not just about delving into a new work assignment; it was an immersion into a culture rich in history, and unexpected delights (including delicious wine).

John and I had the privilege of working with a multinational client, and our experiences offered profound insights into the intricacies of cross-cultural collaboration.

From the moment we landed, the hospitality of the Georgian people enveloped us, from the friendly taxi driver who bridged language barriers with translation apps, to the hotel staff eager to showcase the beauty of their homeland.  The genuine warmth and pride of the Georgian people was palpable.

One striking aspect was the blend of tradition and modernity that permeated everyday life. Amidst the backdrop of historic architecture and scenic landscapes, there was a clear sense of progress and revitalization. Georgia, a nation with a resilient spirit shaped by its tumultuous history, is now embracing a future of innovation and growth.

But it wasn't just the external landscape that fascinated us; it was the dynamics within our client's organisation that captured our attention. As experts in optimising patterns of behaviour within businesses, we were intrigued by the challenges and opportunities presented by this team.  And our challenge, as facilitators, was to navigate the cultural nuances between Western and Eastern European norms and expectations.

A standout observation for the team was a strong external focus to drive agility and innovation through the business, wanting to challenge the status quo and actively embrace new ways of working.

Our work with the client delved into uncovering hidden insights. By creating a space for open dialogue, we facilitated transformative conversations which brought to life their culture assessment data and create a clear prioritisation for culture workstreams.

Moreover, our engagement revealed the invaluable role of frameworks in shaping organisational culture. Introducing concepts like the"I-We-It" framework provided a common language for the team to articulate their aspirations and align their efforts. It helped them think about how they intend to balance their focus on delivery, helping people bring the best of themselves to work, and building even stronger human connection.

As we reflect on our journey in Tbilisi, we are reminded of the profound impact of culture on every facet of business. Our experience underscores the importance of recognising and optimising patterns of behaviour to drive sustainable performance and foster a culture that serves as a true asset.

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Written by:
Dr Martin Egan

Culture Consultancy, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development

May 7, 2024