Building an Agile Culture

Earlier in the year we had a request from one of our long-standing clients to help them embed their newly developed ‘Agility Principles’ through their organisation.  They wanted to:

  • Reinforce agility within their systems and ways of working
  • Build a culture of agility.
  • Embed aligned ways of working and a common language that everyone could use to review and address behaviours and mindsets that would support the new agile culture.

To make this happen, the organisation wanted to reach all employees and equip them with agile mindsets and behaviours. We supported them by introducing agility concepts, which had previously been shared in leadership development programmes, to the whole organisation.

Our approach was to run a series of organisation-wide Masterclasses which brought to life their ‘Agility Principles’, bringing them to awareness and action.  

These one-hour Masterclasses focused specifically on the key aspects of ‘Agility Thinking’ that the client wanted their full team to become aware of, and in some small way start to put into practice in their everyday roles:

  • Curiosity and adopting a learner mindset
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability

Led by our excellent colleague, Karen Foundling, engagement and content was superb. Here is the feedback:

“Providing insight and awareness of our agility principles to a large audience within a short period of time meant that huge effort was put into the design of each of our agility masterclasses.  Karen has been a pleasure to work with.  She listened to our leaders and team members before designing each masterclass to suit our requirements.  This included having a toolkit at the end of each masterclass for our team to access, allowing them to practically apply the learnings to their everyday role. The content was interactive and lively and well received by all who attended.”

Marie Russell, Organisation Development Manager

Written by:
Matt Burdock

Executive Coaching, Culture Measurement, Leadership Development.

November 24, 2023