Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month, and we're excited to celebrate by partnering with two wonderful charitable organisations, Women in Games and Women in Nuclear.  

In recent months, we’ve worked with both organisations to explore pathways to better support women in leadership in their respective fields. One of the focus areas has been the importance of aligned personal values in building authentic and impactful leadership and a culture where people feel they belong.

On March 9th, 2023, Dr Martin Egan will collaborate with Cathie Mackay to facilitate an experiential learning session to support Women in Leadership at the Women in Games Careers Development and Networking Expo.

The event focuses on creating new career pathways for women, girls, and allies and supporting their development. To register for a complimentary ticket, go to https://tinyurl.com/bde9d9m3  

Who are Women in Games?

Women in Games are a fantastic charitable organisation that aims to build a fair, equal, and safe environment for girls and women in the global gaming ecosystem. Their mission is to create new platforms, pathways, and synergies that foster opportunities and empower girls and women in the gaming sector.

Who are Women in Nuclear?

Women in Nuclear (WiN)’s mission is to address the industry’s gender balance, improve the representation of women in leadership, engage with the industry, government and public on nuclear issues and support the industry with tools and information. The organisation focuses on three key objectives of attraction, retention, and dialogue.

Written by:
Jonny Lancaster

Business Development Partner

March 3, 2023