Improve your recruitment process by assessing the right fit.

Recruiting is difficult.  You spend a lot of time understanding who your candidates are. You ask great questions so you can learn about their skills, knowledge and experience. But all too often, you find that the person who shows up in the role is a little different to the person you expected.

What if there was a way to minimise this risk? A simple, reliable way to get insights into your candidates’ fit – both for the role and for your culture?

We all know the limitations of the traditional recruitment process.  It’s hard to really gauge a person’s skills, attributes and personality before they take their post. Some candidates are great at selling themselves. They excel in interviews. But when they land in the role, the veneer can quickly fall away.  

Another major problem is that candidates are recruited based on their fit for the role. But often they can be a poor fit for the organisation’s culture – or the culture you are trying to build. The right technical or functional competence for a role is not enough. When there’s a cultural misalignment, one single hire can be incredibly damaging to a team or a whole organisation.

The more senior the hire, the more this is true. Yet with the most senior hires, there are often people with a lot of influence who have biased preferences which can be difficult to challenge.

To manage risk and make wise decisions for selection in ways that are objective and fair, we need a reliable and valid way to understand the psychological makeup of a candidate.

But interviews are very limited in this regard. Even well-crafted assessment centres can only provide so much insight.

So, what can you do?

At ndc we have a solution. We support our clients with a simple, 20-minute, online candidate assessment and a supporting interview that highlights their natural strengths, and flags up the areas that recruiting managers would benefit from exploring further during interviews.

  • How do they manage their feelings and impulses?
  • How do they challenge?
  • How do they deal with difficult people?
  • Crucially, what are their beliefs and mindsets that underpin all of this?

We can help you;

  • Craft your questions, so you get the right insights in the right way
  • Create a recruitment process which is ethical, fair and effective.
  • Provide the line manager with a clear view of how to support and manage their new recruit from the outset.

This approach doesn’t just provide insights into where your candidate is a good fit for the role. It also gives you insights into how well they will fit into your team and the wider culture.

Getting the recruitment of senior staff wrong can have significant consequences for the performance and culture of a business.  Can you afford to get it wrong?

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Written by:
Matt Burdock

Executive Coaching, Culture Measurement, Leadership Development.

March 21, 2024