PKF IATM &TechFest 2021

On the 5th of November, our co-founder Martin Egan was invited by PKF to deliver the ultimate keynote on "Strategic Success: The Case for Culture" at the International Assurance and Tax Meeting (IATM) &TechFest 2021.

You can access the full keynote recording here.

PKF are a global network of accountancy firms with over 220 members operating under the PKF brand in 150 countries across five regions.  They are a future-focused and ambitious network that have achieved Top 10 firms in key markets globally.

In Martin's keynote, he addressed the critical role ofculture in achieving success across several vital measures.  

A firm's culture is a foundational element of the new international standard on quality management (ISQM). Martin explored how focusing on culture can support, influence and underpin that. He also tackled the visible and invisible aspects of culture that impact: Performance, Clients, People, and Technology at the individual and group level (see diagram). 

We understand you might want to explore the topics of culture and values further. You might also want to review the diagnostic tools that can help you assess the hidden potential in your teams and firm culture. If so, feel free to reach out to Jonathan Lancaster or Martin Egan.

Written by:
Jonny Lancaster

Business Development Partner

November 5, 2021