The MindShift Conference - Meeting organisational, societal and global challenges

The MindShift Conference - 12th May 2021 - Working for a Sustainable Future 

On 12th May, I will be a facilitator for workshops and seminars at the on-line ‘The MindShift conference’.  It is being organised by a collaboration among Stockholm School of Economics, EKSKĀRET, Centre for Social Sustainability(CSS), Karolinska Institutet, and 29K.

The conference aims to bring senior leaders, practitioners, experts and people passionate about human development from around the world together to explore how to meet organisational, societal and global challenges.  

Speakers include 

·       Amy C. Edmondson - Ph.D., Harvard Business School, Author of “The Fearless Organization” 

·       Jennifer Garvey Berger - Ph.D., Harvard University, Author of “Changing On The Job”  

·       Otto Scharmer - Senior lecturer, MIT, Author of “Theory U”  

·       Erik Fernholm - Initiator/CEO, 29k  

·       Peter Senge - Senior lecturer, MIT, Author of “The Fifth Discipline”  

·       Robert Kegan - Ph.D., Harvard University Author of “An Everyone Culture”  

·       Emma Stenström - Associate Professor Stockholm School of Economics  

·       Eva Karlsson - CEO & founder Houdini 

When the UN presented the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, a comprehensive plan was provided to build a more sustainable world. The 17 goals included in the plan, cover a wide range of issues that involve people with different needs, values and convictions. It is important to understand how we as individuals, organisations and societies can become more effective in the work towards sustainability, due to the complexity of the challenges. The starting point of this initiative is a belief that there is a blind spot in our efforts to create a sustainable global society

The conference is part of a wider learning community and there is a preparatory workshop the 28th April 09.30-12.00 CET which you are welcome to join.  This will also be the official preview of the Inner Development Goals;  a framework of the capabilities, qualities, and skills that are vital in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. To this end Mindshift welcome your thoughts and insights by taking this survey to identify skills or qualities you think would be most important to develop to work towards a sustainable world.  The survey should take 10 minutes of your time.

If you want more information about the background and purpose of this initiative as well as about data handling (GDPR) please click here.

Details of how to register for the Conference can be found here

Written by:
Dr Martin Egan

Culture Consultancy, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development

April 23, 2021