Upcoming Discussion Topics

What could be the most valuable discussion topics for us to focus on to support you in your role as a People Professional? 

Over the coming months, along with our collaborators, we will explore the impact of several workplace interventions on culture and business results.  

We will do that through a series of live discussions, open learning events, and articles that focus on what matters most to you.

We want to provide a space for you to share experiences and best practices and learn from others within and outside of the ndc community.   

So far, some of the overarching discussion themes include:

* Workplace/ In-House Coaching
* Executive Coaching
* Impact of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives
* Executive Selection  
* Leadership Learning & Development
* Culture Integration, Change and Transformation

What topics might you want to explore from those themes or questions answered? It could be developing a business case for X, programme design and implementation best practice, coaching certification, success stories, results achieved and so forth.

We'd love to hear from you. Leave us a comment here. Or, if you'd like us to send you news about our latest events and updates, you can subscribe to the Culture Brief Newsletter here.

Written by:
Jonny Lancaster

Business Development Partner

August 12, 2022