What truly impacts workplace culture? 

Culture By Design

What truly impacts workplace culture?

In this short video, I explore the link between foundational values, culture enablers, and the culture focus areas critical to success. 

From our research and work partnering with organisations on culture worldwide, we have found that those that truly stand out in the market take a ‘Culture by Design’ approach. 

What does that mean?

That means seeing culture as the operating system that powers your organisation, teams, and people. 

That is a change in thinking for many because it means you can tweak, maintain, prioritise, and work on culture as a critical system to improve results. That is instead of seeing culture as a one-off event. 

The best place to start today is to identify and prioritise the dominant culture focus areas for strategic success. That might be people engagement, agility, performance, or your customers’ experience. 

Rather than tackling all culture focus areas simultaneously, I advise you to start with the most critical. Then, using the Culture by Design approach, you measure, fine-tune, and lead the shift in focus area when required.  

What might be your dominant culture focus area?

To find out and to receive a free customised report, go to The Culture Focus Scorecard via the link below.

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Written by:
Dr Martin Egan

Culture Consultancy, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development

June 22, 2022